Welcome! Thanks so much for visiting my website, Compass Counselling. My name is Suzie Chick and I’m a qualified psychotherapist.

I named my practice, Compass, as sometimes we can feel a little lost in our lives. We all need some space and time to help find ourselves and potentially embark on some new and exciting directions.  As your therapist, I will act as guide or compass, to help explore your way through the fog to a new horizon.

Through our work together, you can have the much needed space to reflect and process where you are in your life, how you got there and importantly where you may want to go next.


The world can often feel incredibly hectic and overwhelming. Our work will provide a haven of stillness and reflection for you to take a breath and take stock of your life.

I strongly believe we could all benefit from having this space. For me therapy helped transform my life. It steered me through the chopping waters of corporate burn out and gave me support and encouragement to develop the most important of all relationships, the one we have with ourselves.

I have created this website to not just promote my practice but also to help inform people about therapy and it’s relevance to our daily lives. I hope you enjoy browsing through the various pages and I welcome any comments/feedback.

Please check out my FAQs page for further details about our work together, my practice and lots more. Thanks for reading.

Compass photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash

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