Our working agreement

After one or two sessions, I’ll provide you with our working agreement (see an example below) which sets out the general terms of our contract together. As part of contracting, I will also ask for your review and approval of the way you’d like me to safeguard your personal data (by means of a privacy statement).

My clinical will

If I am unable to work due to serious illness, I have in place a clinical will (renewed annually) which ensures clients are notified by either of my two clinical executors (both experienced and qualified therapists) and kept updated as to the situation.


If for some reason you feel I have not complied with the ethical guidelines as cited by the UKCP and/or BACP, I hope, in the first instance, we can talk through the issue and hopefully come to a resolution. If this is not possible, then the UKCP has a formal complaints procedure, as detailed in the document below.

In addition, the BACP (of which I am also a member) has their own complaints process.

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